The ‘River Lime’ Effect

The ‘River Lime’ Effect: detecting the signature of recreational use on a tropical river ecosystem Our latest paper, published this week in the journal Ecology and Evolution, describes how we detected the ‘signature’ of disturbance on tropical freshwater fish communities, using the streams of Trinidad’s Northern Range as a model system. “Liming” is a popular … Read more

ERC BioTIME video in Copenhagen

Anne has been attending the 2014 ESOF (Euroscience Open Forum) in Copenhagen. ESOF offers a platform where researchers, journalists, policy makers and the public at large can meet and debate cutting-edge research, research policy and global challenges. This video, shown at the conference, highlights the work of Anne’s group on the ERC BioTIME project.

Systematic biodiversity change, not loss

A recent paper by the Biodiversity and Behaviour Group sheds new light on the biodiversity crisis. It shows there has NOT been a consistent drop in numbers of species found locally around the world. Instead, our investigation of 100 communities and over 35,000 species in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine habitats from the poles to the … Read more

How communities vary through time

We are investigating temporal and spatial variation in the structure of communities (vertebrates, invertebrates and unicellular organisms) in rivers with Trinidad’s Northern Range.

Roadmap to Temporal Change in Biodiversity

The natural world is changing as never before as a consequence of human activities, and there is widespread concern about the rate at which biodiversity is being lost. One of the best ways to track changes in biodiversity through time is by the analysis of ecological time series. These time series provide information on the … Read more

Commonness and rarity in diverse tropical communities

Because most species in an ecological assemblage are rare, much of the species richness we value is due to taxa with few individuals or a restricted distribution. It has been apparent since the time of ecological pioneers such as Bates and Darwin that tropical systems have disproportionately large numbers of rare species, yet the distribution … Read more